Thinking, building and drawing upon collage

st melangell 2 - gabrielle nowicki collage

St Melangell – Mixed Media Drawing

gabrielle nowicki collage, mixed media drawing

The Fabric of who we are – Mixed Media Drawing

I’ve been thinking, building and drawing upon on some of the collages I’d made in my year long collage a day project, from November 2014 – November 2015. I’m still fascinated with the little pieces of paper I was using in them. To me, the little bits of paper are meaningful in different ways. Sometimes they’re found in my sea collages with the boats in them. There, the web of pieces in the sea reminds me of the plastics in our oceans and lakes, how a walk along the beach will show you bits of ribbon from balloons, plastic pop and water bottle caps, broken toys and other refuse. Other times, as in the images above, the pieces become more personal. They are literally, a part of our fabric of who we are, a quilt of our experiences. Either way, the pieces are ephemera of physical and emotional history.

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time lately, reflecting about my parents, and my childhood. It’s amazing how much we are products of a complex mesh of experiences and the time in which we live.