On My Desk

Gabrielle Nowicki Art series "Found"

After a needed break from all the busy-ness (is that a word?) of the ARTS Project show, custom orders, Christmas and New Year’s, I went back out to the barn to look through my stock of wood, to see any piece might speak to me about what it wanted to become. To be honest, inertia won out for too long, and I procrastinated over even going out there because it’s cold and damp, and it’s much nicer to pile under a cozy mass of cats and blankets, eat shortbread, drink eggnog spiked with 40 Creek, and read. I’m stuck into the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon, and on the third book now, Voyager.

In my previous post,  I talked about exploring my collaged world in painted form, but what happened this week surprised me. I began to paint, away from all the imagery I’d built up in the past year and away from the collage elements I’ve been incorporating. On Monday, I cut a board into 4 x 5 inch pieces, sealed them. I loved the size and weight of the pieces in my hands. I like working small and I think this size is a good scale for my imagery and approach. The portrait came first, then the hand. Yesterday, I worked on the tree. There might a couple more paintings in this series, to tell a story.

Happy Belated New Year