New Glasses

Wallpaper and glasses

I got new specs last week.

I’ve been far sighted for years but in the past year, my distance sight has been getting fuzzy. Thankfully, I don’t need bifocals (yet).

Here’s the thing that peeves me:

It came time to choose the frames. The vast majority of frames right now are rectangular, which look great on some people, but I have a fine featured, small heart shaped face. The staff at the office kept plunking overpowering, huge plastic rectangles on my face and when I explained that I didn’t like the rectangles, they told me that glasses are a “fashion statement” and you don’t just choose them to suit your face. Eventually I settled on a not too rectangular, metal/plastic combination.

I spent over $300 my fashion statement.

I got sunglasses that clip on, too. Actually, I am pretty happy with them. I just wish there was more of a range of styles to choose from.

We went into town to pick up a few things last Saturday, and I wore my brand new glasses. I know it was because I had glasses on my mind, but it seemed that all around me people were wearing glasses. Most of the glasses I saw were rectangle. All kinds of people, grandmothers, kids, middle aged men, all of them making fashion statements…

All these rectangles on multitudes of different faces; it reminded me of the bold geometric wallpapers that are everywhere right now. Who was it that decided we all have to wear rectangles on our faces? Is there a small conglomerate of powerful design gods who decide these things? Is there a connection between glasses and wall covering patterns?

10 thoughts on “New Glasses

  1. What a fun post! I am guessing that this is a self-portrait – the shape looks great! The background pattern is very cool – it has a neat retro feeling. Funny – your post reminded me that I need to call for an eye exam appointment! Thank you!

  2. Hmmm….I must have been a fashion forerunner ’cause my glasses look a lot like yours and they are 3 years old! This is a great portrait, love how you tied in the wallpaper.

  3. Too funny! I need new glasses too. I have been putting it off. I’m afraid I’m going to have to wear them all the time. Now I just need them for reading/artwork. Oh well. This is a great illo. and it works for all the challenges. It’s funny how rectangles are so popular now. Go figure.

  4. Oh this is awesome artwork! Concerning classes, oh I know you can spend a fortune on those and every time you have to get new ones the style is different. I have a frameless one right now, it’s nice but easy to destroy too, especially with too kids. Smiles, Anke 😉

  5. Carla, yes, it’s a self portrait. The thing I liked about these frames is they seem a bit more timeless. I wanted frameless but I don’t wear them all the time and they say unless you do, they can chip if you leave them lying around (which I do).

    I put off getting my eyes tested, too and for the same reason, Charlie. I was pleasantly surprised that I don’t need them all the time.

  6. Thanks for the kind comment on my blog. But I’m so new at this I would not know where to begin to make and then sell scrapbook paper. Are you talking about digital scrap paper or real paper?

  7. Awesome post, oh, do I know about glasses, but now i buy readers online, the type without frames, memoryflex type or whatever they call this, close enough!They are almost invisible, the last ones cost me $7.99 plus shipping, can’t beat that…they are quite pretty too.

  8. People sell the image file on Etsy. The file can be printed by the buyer and used as scrapbook paper. I’ll try to find a link to someone who’s doing it and email it to you

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