End of 2015 – and Miniature painting studies

It’s almost the end of 2015. The ARTS Project Crafted show is finished, and so have some custom orders that have kept me busy. Christmas and the New Year are coming and work related things are winding down for now. It feels strange to not be working toward a show, sale or order but it is liberating (as long as it doesn’t last too long).

For the past few weeks, I’ve wanted to return to painting and drawing again. To make the most of this window, I think that’s what I’ll focus on for the next little bit.

st melangell - gabrielle nowicki miniature painting
Melangell, patron saint of rabbits


These paintings are explorations into the world of two dimensional space and colour. I’ve been looking at my image bank of 365 collages and thinking about how to use them in painting and drawing.  So, some of these images will look familiar if you know my tumblr blog. The paintings are small, only 4″ x 5″  hence, they are the almost the same scale as the collages.

I didn’t want to apply paper to my painting surface, but I like the disjointed effect that cut and paste collage has. I wanted something more integral to the surface than glued paper so I used a gel medium transfer process to apply the cut paper imagery to the surface.

There are numerous tutorials on the web that show how to transfer printed images onto a surface using acrylic gel mediums. It involves adhering the image side of the paper to the painting surface, with acrylic gel medium and letting it thoroughly dry. Then you wet the backing paper of the image with water and gently rub the wet paper pulp off the surface to reveal the ink of the image underneath. It’s a bit tedious to do and usually the remaining image isn’t perfect, but that’s a part of the charm. I  love this because the imperfect imagery is ensuring that I keep my painting looser and rougher than I’d normally work. I have a habit of tightening up my technique when working in series, so I hope it doesn’t happen with these.

St. Melangell is the patron saint of rabbits. Go figure, who would have guessed that bunnies could be so fortunate to have their own saint to watch over them! Last year, now and then but regularly enough, white rabbits would make an appearance in my collages. Somehow, I discovered that they have a patron saint, so St. Melangell accompanies them from time to time. The image of St. Melangell holding a rabbit always makes me happy.

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