14 years ago and counting

Going wayback…

A selection of gifs I made from (approximately) 2002-2005

Have you ever gone to the Internet Wayback Machine in hopeful search of a long lost page? This morning, while adding content to my portfolio site, I discovered I hadn’t saved my about me page, before I deleted the old site. Thankfully, there was a snapshot of it, so I was able to copy/paste/update and post it to the new website, which is here.

I entered Tindaisies and found these gifs I created, from give or take 14 years ago. I hand coded that website in HTML and Javascript, using Notepad.

During 2001-2005, I frequented the Ebay and Ez-Board (which became Yuku later) message boards. Remember message boards? Those were back-in-the-day things, before social media of today, where you communicated with people you’ve never met, on forums and you either avoided the trolls. or fed them (or you were one).

The boards were heavily populated with animated gifs. I used Photoshop 7, Image Ready and Illustrator 10 to make these gifs. Some of them were tributes to friends I met on those boards, some of them are still my friends on Facebook today.

The web pages on my internet archive snapshots have broken links, and most of the gifs’ links on the page are also broken. However, I found in my drawer of back up CDs the disc that I saved these gifs to. Back ups are a good thing. So, for posterity, this is my little tribute to the days of Web 2.0

Small Greenie says see you later: