A Collage a Day



I resurrected my Tumblr blog. I joined 4 years ago then forgot about it. I began making collages about a month ago and decided that it would be fun to post them as a group, on Tumblr. I’m excited to see where the process takes me. I repurpose file folders and cut them into 6.25 x 4.25 inches.  The Tumblr blog is here


On My Desk


Working on two automata at the moment. One is going to the ARTS Project Crafted  Unique Wares and Originals show and sale in London, Ontario. The show runs from December 2-18.

Basking in the spot of sun, and admiring himself in the window’s reflection, is my faithful assistant and personal motivation coach, Wally.

Notes From Home

I’ve never posted much in the way of my personal life.  This is where I talk about art related activities. But in order to continue posting about my art, I feel I need to write a bit about what has been happening in my private life before I continue on; ignoring it is to leave a gap unexplained about where I currently am with my art practice.

In early March this year, my mum suffered a serious stroke. My 89 year old dad has Alzheimer’s, and also during this time, it became apparent that long term care for him was now inevitable.  Six weeks after the stroke, on Easter Monday, Mum passed away. She was 85 years old.

Two days – two days after my mother died, my husband was informed by his employer, with no warning, that he was laid off, effectively immediately. I was staying with my dad, as he could not be on his own. Dave called me when he got home, to tell me the bad news.

You know the saying, “I felt the floor drop out from under me?” Well, I literally bottomed out.  Within a few days, I had an art opening to attend. I did it, but I honestly don’t remember a whole lot about it.

A couple of weeks later, I felt like working on something. Making art does help to centre me and I hoped it would be therapeutic. I had been drawing with graphite since the New Year but now I couldn’t concentrate well enough to do it, and there were emotional triggers happening.

It was early May by then and Dave was using his time to plant the vegetable garden. I wandered into the garage and looked at the scrap wood laying around. I pulled out the belt sander, dusted it off and mounted it upside down on a Workmate bench.  I have a chop saw in the basement, and a drill press my dad gave me, when my parents moved from the farm. So I shifted gears and began to make primitive little things I called “my gubbins.” Yeah, my dad gave me  his honkin big floor drill press – and I use it to make holes in these little pieces of wood :)

boat sculptures


For the month of May, I made my gubbins. I know the problem solving involved helped to keep me mentally engaged. Dave looked for work and continued on with the garden. Of course, most days aren’t smooth sailing when the proverbial shit hits the fan. Some days just sucked. Okay, many days just sucked. I quickly learned you have to know when to be kind to yourself once you realize the day is going to suck, to accept it and roll with it.  I would often pack it in and go for walks along the beach – or catch up on much needed sleep.

In June, I got a part time job. It was with a very well-known, large Ontario company. Unfortunately, by mid-July, I had sustained work place injuries, I had tendonitis in both elbows and wrists, and had torn muscle in my arms. Two weeks after the injuries, I began to experience bullying at work. Luckily, I was approved for 12 weeks of physiotherapy through WSIB. Needless to say, I no longer work there. I’ve unfortunately, still got nerve damage in my left arm as a souvenir. I was unable to work on any art, until late August. That’s all I want to say about this experience because it was so hopelessly broken, in so many ways, it’s not even worth thinking about.

Dad is in a long term care facility. We were very fortunate that he was offered a place where he is. The staff is awesome and the building is cheerful, bright and new. Dave is still not working, so we visit Dad every week and do our errands on the way home. Still, along with grieving for Mum, there’s also a sense of grieving for Dad, as his memory fails him more and more.



When we visit, we bring wild bird seed and drive to a nearby conservation area where we feed the ducks and geese. He loves this and it’s become a bit of a ritual.  He had ducks and geese on the farm.


So Dave is still not working. This is very scary. I’m still making my gubbins and have begun to make collages on pieces of file folders, which I see as paper versions of the gubbins. From December 2-18, I will be participating in a Christmas Show and art sale at the ARTS Project, in downtown London, ON.

gardenOur son and daughter are doing very well in school and have part time jobs that they enjoy. The garden was great, this year. So not all is hideous in my world. I just wish something would break on the job front, though…

Building Paper Toys


This is what my drafting table looks like, today. Those cute little things are paper toy prototypes that I’ve been designing. That white patch at the top right is glare through the window, from a snow bank; a result of my other all consuming pastime… ploughing out the driveway, but let’s forget about that snow part for now…

This set is four 3 dimensional  animals: a rabbit, mouse, cat and dog with four corresponding 3 dimensional  vehicles: a car, boat, airplane and tractor. Each package will contain one animal model and one vehicle model that you cut out and glue together. I’m not yet sure how I will pair up the animals to the vehicles, but they will all be interchangeable if you have the entire set.  Once the set is finished, they’ll be printed and sold in my Etsy store  and other retail spaces. I should mention that I use a black and white laser printer for the prototypes because at this stage, I am testing for scale and how well the pieces assemble. The finished products will be printed in colour.

I’m also working towards a show in April, which I’ll post about later, and the toys will be available for sale, there, too. All my paper toys at Etsy are digital downloads and while I like the convenience, I know that printing and packaging them will allow them to reach a wider audience. Besides, the printing and packaging is fun and it’s satisfying to see a finished product.

12th Annual Portside Gallery Miniature Show and Sale

12th annual Portside Gallery Miniature Show and sale


Every February (for the past twelve years), the Portside Gallery, in Port Stanley Ontario, has an open call for art no larger than 16 square inches or 45 cubic inches. They always have a great response to the call for entries and the opening is a fun way to spend a February Sunday afternoon.

I entered two graphite drawings this year:


Thing With Wheels












I went to the front desk to get my name tag, and was congratulated. I’d won honourable mention for Pieface.  Here’s a list of the winners:

Miniature show awards

Best in Show

  • The Ball – Cheryl Garrett – Jenkins

Honourable Mentions

  • Pie face – Gabrielle Nowicki
  • Fall #4 – Diane Dobson
  • Winter Chill – Jerry Cutting

 Peoples Choice

  • The Cat – Kit Cutting

Here’s an article from Relish Elgin

I wish I had remembered to take pictures :(

If you are in the area, drop in to see the show. It runs until the end of February. The Gallery is open 7 days a week from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.